Born 1967, Montevideo, Uruguay I'm a freelancer photojournalist based in Jerusalem.


During 1989 - 99  study education at Hebrew University and worked as Coordinator of the Educational Department and Director of the Education Center of the Bakah Community Center in Jerusalem.


Between 95 -97 study photography studies at the School of Photography, Musrarah , Jerusalem.


In 1997 started my professional work as a photojournalist covering the conflict in the Middle East for Uruguayan media and as freelance photographer for wire agencies, and later on (99 - 2000) to the local newspaper Kol Hazman .


 2001- 2003 - Worked as freelance photographer for Agency Getty Images.


Since 2000 to date my reportages and assignments were published in Life Books, Paris Match, Time, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, The Independent, The Independent Magazine, Financial Times, Financial  Times Magazine, de Volkskrant,, de Volkskrant Magazine, New York Times, El  Pais, Ei8ht, Reppublica delle Donne.


 Since 2007 taught photography at the College of Geographic Photography, Masa Acher, Tel Aviv, and at Musrarah School of Arts, Jerusalem.


Exhibitions and books include: "Photos October 2000 - March 2002", 2002 - The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel.


"Postcards from the Holy Land" - 2007 - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de El Pais, Montevideo Uruguay,



"Frames of Reality" , 2008/9 - a joint Palestinian Israeli photographers exhibit and book. Amihad Center, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and The Ana Tzarev Gallery, New York.



"OCCUPATION, six Israeli photographers"  - 2008 -Published by Lineadaria Editore, Biella, Italy.



"The invisible occupation"  - "Elsewhere"  Collective exhibition, Beeri gallery, Kibbutz Beeri, March 2010.


2011 - Exhibition of the multimedia project "BREAKING ANONYMITY"  a body of work featuring Israeli ex-soldiers from the organization "Breaking the Silence" and their testimonies, October12 -November 13  Mediaroom - Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.


2011 - Present  Correspondent and videographer in the Middle East for Canal 5, TNU Noticias, Television Nacional del Uruguay. 


2012 - 2013 “Jerusalen, 3 historias”, Solo Exhibition, Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo, Galería Bazar, Montevideo - Uruguay. December 6 2012, February 28, 2013.



2015 - Awarded with the Author Book by Centro de Fotografia de Montevideo, for the publication of the book "Postales de la Tierra Santa”. Do to be published in August 2016.


2018 - Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Fellow 2018.

2019 - Solo exhibition EXPOSE[d] - a 10 years project of Israeli veterans who testified to  the israeli organization Breaking the Silence. 52 portraits of veterans along with questionnaires about the abuses they took part or witness during their military service in the Occupied Territories. Studio Orly Dvir, Tel Aviv. 

2019 - Publication of a catalogue for the exhibition EXPOSE[d].

2021 - May - Exhibition EXPOSE[d], Mercado de Culturas do Forno do Tijolo, Lisbon Portugal.
Hosted by Camara Municipal de Lisboa, Ministerio de Cultura and Unground.